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Located on 108 acres of timberland, deep in the heart of the bluffs of Mississippi, Warner-Tully is a unique summer camp experience. Just 22 miles from Vicksburg, MS it makes the perfect getaway for young campers. With 11 newly renovated and air-conditioned cabins and a modern lodge located on beautiful Lake Guider, Warner-Tully is hard to beat! Campers will be exposed to new and exciting activities that will create memories for years to come!

For campers who are interested in a two-week camp experience, we offer “stay-over” between Sessions 3 and 4 and between Sessions 4 and 5. The cost for this is $65 per camper and includes meals and overnight supervision by trained staff.

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Activities May Include:



Arts & Crafts






Ropes Course


Capture the Flag

and MUCH More!

2024 Summer Camp Sessions

Weeklong sessions are Sunday-Saturday for campers ages 7-13. See below for our leadership opportunities for 14-16 year-olds!

Session 1: June 9-15 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Embark on a stellar adventure as you join the ranks of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Your cabin will transform into a team of intergalactic heroes, each choosing an alien group or planet to represent. Build and design your own spaceship, gearing up for an exciting space voyage. Get hands-on with awesome space-themed science experiments, uncovering the mysteries of the cosmos. 

Your main mission: to save the galaxy from unseen dangers, just like your favorite Guardians. Need help? You may just be able to make a special Avenger call. Ready for a cosmic quest filled with thrills and challenges? Let’s soar among the stars! 🚀🌌👽

Session 2: June 16-22 - Harry Potter

Welcome to a magical journey at Hogwarts! Get sorted into a Hogwarts house and join the fun race for the House Cup. Learn potion-making, create enchanting art, and meet friendly forest creatures.

Be part of the exciting Triwizard Tournament, where you’ll show your bravery and smarts. And when Hogwarts needs you, team up with your fellow young wizards to keep our school safe and sound. Are you ready for a world filled with magic and wonder? Grab your wand and let’s make some magic together! 🧙‍♂️✨🔮

Mini Camp: June 27-29 - Wild West (Ages 6-10)

Get ready for a fun-filled Western adventure at our Mini-Camp Wild West, perfect for young explorers aged 6-10. Step into the boots of a cowboy or cowgirl and experience the excitement of the old frontier.

Pan for gold, learn how to twirl a lasso, and embark on exciting treasure hunts. Gather around the campfire for storytelling under the stars. Create your own cowboy hats and bandanas, and join in some foot-stomping line dances.

This mini-camp is a blend of outdoor excitement and creative crafts, offering a perfect Western experience for our younger adventurers. Let’s hit the trail for some Wild West fun! 🤠🌟🐴

Session 3: June 30-July 6 - Roadrip USA

Explore America’s vibrant sights and cultures, from New York City’s buzz to California’s beaches, right at camp.

Celebrate with a spectacular July 4th bash, complete with fireworks, fun games, and patriotic spirit. It’s a red, white, and blue extravaganza!

This week is a whirlwind of discovery, friendship, and American fun. Ready for an unforgettable cross-country celebration? Let’s make some joyful memories together! 🚗🇺🇸🎉

Session 4: July 7-13 - Music Legends Tour
Full for Girls - Waitlist Available

Welcome to a vibrant journey through the world of music icons! This week is all about celebrating the fun and energy of music without needing to be a musician. Imagine playing games inspired by legendary artists, from Taylor Swift to classic rock stars.

Embark on creative adventures like crafting band-inspired art and participating in exciting camp games with a musical twist. Plus, there’s a unique quest where you’ll help recover Taylor’s lost tunes, combining fun and teamwork.

This Tour is about enjoying the rhythm of camp life, filled with laughter, creativity, and new friendships. Get ready for an action-packed week where every day is a new beat! 🎵🎤🎨🎉

Session 5: July 14-20 - Color Wars
Full for Boys & Girls - Waitlist Available

Get set for Color Wars, a vibrant week of team spirit and fun challenges! Cabins will be divided into teams, each representing a different color. Your mission: to compete for the coveted Color Wars trophy.

This isn’t just about physical strength; it’s a mix of physical, mental, and artistic contests. Whether you’re racing in a relay, solving a puzzle, or getting creative in an art challenge, there’s something for everyone.

Color Wars is all about teamwork, strategy, and camp pride. Join us for a week of friendly competition, where every challenge is a chance to shine. Ready to show your true colors? 🎨🏆🤝

Note: Colors will be sent out one week prior to camp. Cabin requests will not be able to be changed after colors are sent out. 

1-Week Camps (Ages 7-13)

Warner-Tully’s traditional overnight summer camping season is divided into five one-week sessions, open to both boys and girls, ages 7-13.

Each camper becomes part of a close-knit cabin group, with 8-10 campers and two well-trained counselors.

Weeklong sessions open on Sunday afternoon and close the following Saturday morning after breakfast.

The normal daily routine includes three great-tasting meals in our air-conditioned dining hall, a morning and evening devotional, skill activities such as canoeing and archery, free swims, campwide activities like the Mud Slide, and special events like the Warner-Tully Magic Campfire.

Mini Camps (Ages 6-10)

Mini-Camps, perfect for new or young campers, offer a shorter, vibrant version of our regular sessions at Warner-Tully, making the first camp experience less daunting. Our caring staff, engaging activities, and modern facilities ensure a fantastic introduction through our YMCA Mini-Camp. With a legacy of excellence since 1960, we make sure your child’s first camp adventure is memorable. 


Interested in working with us this summer? We hire incredible leaders to hang out with our campers, keep camp safe, lead activities, and bring the fun. 

  • Senior Counselors
    (must be 18 yrs old)
  • Junior Counselors
    (must be 17 yrs old)

Looking for LIT/CIT info? Find that here.

Warner-Tully Memorial YMCA Camp

Located in Port Gibson, MS, Warner-Tully Memorial YMCA Camp has been helping people achieve their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body since 1960 – through safe and exciting outdoor activities with outstanding staff leadership.
Warner-Tully Memorial YMCA Camp
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