Teen leadership


Ready to level up your camp experience? If you’re 14 or 15, step into our Leader-In-Training (LIT) program, or if you’re 16, dive into the role of a Counselor-In-Training (CIT). It’s your chance to soak up all the camp fun you love — the games, the songs, the food, and the community — while stepping into a role with more responsibility. You’ll guide campers, collaborate with our staff, and get a real taste of what it means to be a counselor.

Eager to join? Just fill out an application and send it our way. Keep in mind, LITs cover the same costs as campers, while CITs join us free of charge. But hurry – spaces are limited, and we can only welcome a select number of LITs/CITs each session. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to grow, lead, and make unforgettable memories!

Apply by April 1 for priority consideration.


Embark on a day filled with excitement, learning, and leadership as a teen leader at camp. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect:

Activity Rotation: You’ll rotate through different activity areas with a group of campers, leading by example and learning how to manage and inspire a group. Whether it’s sports, arts, or outdoor adventures, you’re right there in the action, making every moment count.

Setup Squad: Part of your role involves helping set up for various activities. It’s not just about moving equipment; it’s about seeing the behind-the-scenes of how camp magic is made. Plus, you’ll get to throw in your own ideas to make activities even more fun.

Play Time: Yes, it’s work, but who said work can’t be fun? As you guide campers through activities, you’ll be right there playing alongside them. It’s the best of both worlds—you’re gaining leadership experience while having the time of your life.

Leadership Skills Session: Take a break from the hustle and meet up with your coordinator and fellow teen leaders. This is your time to focus on building those leadership skills that will make you not just a better counselor but a standout leader in any situation.

Your day as a teen leader is a balance of responsibility, learning, and loads of fun. You’ll end the day fulfilled, knowing you’ve made a difference at camp while also stepping up your own leadership game. Ready to jump into this unique role and make this summer unforgettable?

2024 Summer Camp Sessions

LITs and CITs can choose from the same sessions campers can. 


Teen Leaders help camp run, and through that they give back so much to Warner-Tully and our campers. We do our best to make sure they feel seen, acknowledged, and appreciated throughout their experience.

To thank them for all they do, we are happy to sign off on community service hours provided they fit within school/organizational requirements. 

CITs receive 40 hours of community service per session, and LITs receive 20.

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